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Every year Instant Offices helps over 11,000 businesses across the globe find their ideal workspace. As specialists in flexible offices, we know the market, and how to navigate its range of options and providers to find your business the perfect space – and quickly.

Whether you need guiding through the process step-by-step, or you’re a property expert who needs us to grasp complex requirements and deliver innovative solutions, our specialists go further to help. We only recruit the very best people – we know the better we are, the better your new office will be.

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Discover additional types of office space we offer, including:

- Serviced Offices.
- Co-working Spaces.
- Managed Offices.
- Virtual Offices.
- Leases, sublets and workshop units.


As the world’s largest flexible office provider across the globe we have a wealth of market data at our fingertips – gained from handling over 70,000 enquiries every year. Our reports typically consider changes in the flexible office industry, the number of available business centres, business centre spread in each market, average workstation rates and additional service costs.

Can we help you? If you’re looking to enter new markets or open strategic global locations, we can help you get to grips with the local markets by producing reports like these for your business. For more information please contact us.
Global Cities Report 2019

Global Cities 2019

Is flex the new normal? Instant’s latest research explores 18 of the largest global markets for flexible workspace, where flex now accounts for up to 5% of total office space.
APAC Review: What Customers Really Want from Flexible Workspace

APAC Amenities Review 2019

Beers or bikes: What do customers really want from a flexible workspace? The Instant Group and The Executive Centre surveyed 500 respondents across multiple Asia-Pacific markets to find out.
Flexible Workspace Trends – 2019 and Beyond

Flexible Workspace Trends 2019

The flexible workspace sector has ridden the crest of a wave for the past five years with global demand increasing by 50% and more market supply of flex space than ever before. But what will happen in 2019?
APAC Market Summary 2018

APAC Flex Market 2018

The flexible workspace market has grown faster in Asia-Pacific than any other destination in the world in the last 12 months. Read Instant's latest research report to find out more.
UK Market Summary 2018

UK Market Summary 2018

With a greater number of flexible workspace operators than ever before in the UK, new research from Instant Offices analyses the seismic shifts within this rapidly growing landscape.
US Market Summary 2018

US Market Summary 2018

Our 2018 report, US Market Summary – The Evolution of Workspace, is an analysis of co-working, serviced and hybrid office growth across the United States.
The Marketplace for Flexible Work 2018

The Marketplace for Flexible Work 2018

As co-working and flexible space continues to see rapid growth in major global cities, research by The Instant Group and HLW found that those using it are enjoying higher levels of productivity, better business opportunities and improved work environments.
GCR Thumb

Global Cities Review 2017

Instant’s Global Cities report is the first comparison of the key global markets for flexible workspace. The review highlights that the most dynamic growth is coming from the newest, emerging markets.

UK Flexible Workspace Review 2016

The Instant Group's 2016 review of the UK serviced office sector shows that growth is being driven largely by outer London and the regions while the market as a whole has increased by 11 per cent in 12 months.

US Flexible Workspace Review 2016

Our comprehensive study of flexible workspace in the US shows a huge growth in the market and a changing of attitudes over the last year.
UK Serviced Office Review 2015

UK Serviced Office Review 2015

The Instant Group's 2015 review of the serviced office sector reveals continued growth in London and across the UK, with double digit increases in many areas.

EMEA Serviced Office Market Report 2014

A collection of market reports from 2014 for the EMEA region including Cape Town, Copenhagen, Doha, Dublin, Edinburgh, Hamburg, Istanbul, Kiev, Nairobi and Zurich.
Serviced Office Market Report: Americas 2014

Americas Serviced Office Market Report 2014

A collection of market reports from 2014 for the Americas region including Atlanta, Bogota, Boston, Calgary, Mexico City
New York - Financial District, San Diego and Washington D.C.

Asia-Pacific Serviced Office Market Report 2014

A collection of market reports from 2014 for the Asia-Pacific region including Auckland, Bangkok, Jakarta, Melbourne, Mumbai, Perth, Seoul, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taipei and Tokyo

Emerging Markets Serviced Office Review 2013

Our guide to more than 100 emerging cities around the world. This research gives clients the ability to delve deeper into the facts, figures and insights for locations they may be looking to establish in.
UK Serviced Office Review 2012

UK Serviced Office Review 2012

A review of the key trends and changes in the UK serviced office industry in 2012
North American Executive Suite Review 2012

North American Executive Suite Review 2012

Showing impressive 14% growth over 12 months in the North American market (United States, Canada and Mexico) this report looks behind the details revealing the key trends and statistics.
Global Serviced Office Review 2011

Global Serviced Office Review 2011

The Instant Group's first large-scale piece of research into the serviced office sector, covering all key global markets.


Guides on everything you need to consider during your search for the ideal office:
What do you need

What do you need?

Our checklist of 'points to consider' will help you define your ideal workspace – and that'll help us find it for you.
Viewing properties

Viewing properties

Your shortlist, evaluating the contrasting benefits of the properties on it, and getting the most out of your viewing time.
Getting a great deal

Getting a great deal

How do you compare all of the options available, and get the right deal for you?
Pricing guide

Pricing guide

Take a look at some of the key factors that can affect the cost of your flexible office.

Office types

Find out more about the different types of flexible workspace available for your business:
Office Types - Serviced Offices

Serviced offices

Fully furnished offices with IT connectivity - a quick and easy solution, available across the globe.
Coworking spaces

Coworking spaces

Share your workspace with other like minded individuals and organisations - a collaborative and cost effective option.
Office Types - Virtual Offices

Virtual offices

Working from home, or always on the move? Choosing a virtual office might be just the right solution.
Office Types - Leased

Leases, sublets & workshop units

Longer term solutions that require the tenant to negotiate terms, fit-out and manage the space themselves.
Office Types - Managed Workspace

Managed workspaces

A tailored workspace solution - procured, fitted out and managed by a single supplier, leaving you to focus on your business.
Office Guides Creative

Creative spaces

Ideal for individuals or small teams these type of spaces allow you to meet, collaborate and network with other creatives.
Benefits of Serviced Office

Benefits of Serviced Offices

Serviced offices provide everything needed to run a business at a fraction of the cost.
Benefits of co-working Spaces

Benefits of Co-working Spaces

Discover more about the benefits of co-working and how to choose a space that meets your needs.

Area Guides

Finding the right location for your office is not always a simple decision, and we're here to help. Our area guides have information such as local businesses, transport links and local amenities like shops and restaurants too.

Wherever you want to work, we'll help you find the place to do it.

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