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With the popularity of freelance work and the digital nomad lifestyle on the rise, agile coworking spaces are becoming more popular than ever before. Instant is an international provider of coworking office spaces in premium locations around the world.

What is a coworking space? Essentially, it’s a shared workspace that offers the facilities of a large office at a much lower cost. These spaces provide dedicated desks within a secure communal area, shared by several different individual workers or businesses. From daily drop-ins to monthly and yearly membership, there is a wide range of leasing choices available depending on your needs.


Benefits of a Coworking Space


● Collaborative: Coworking fosters a sociable and collaborative work environment, allowing you to network with like-minded individuals. There is a great sense of community, as occupants can work independently or engage with each other as much as they want. 

● Cost-effective: Coworking offices provide flexible short-term leases, which help you to keep your budget in check. When leasing a space like this, you only pay to use it at a time that suits you – from one day a week, to full-time. You also only pay for the space you need, which can be as simple as one dedicated desk. There is zero capital outlay, and no exit cost. 

Flexible: Coworking spaces provide 24-hour access, so you and your team won’t be restricted by conventional office hours. Contracts in coworking setups are available for terms as short as one month, and there’s plenty of flexibility to expand your chosen contract at short notice. 

● Fully equipped: A coworking space is a place where you can get things done quickly and efficiently. The workspaces are fully furnished and pre-cabled, so there’s no need for a time-consuming setup process. You can move in on the day you sign your lease and get right down to business.

Overall, coworking spaces help to improve talent attraction and retention, which is essential for a successful business.


Who Uses Coworking Spaces?


Coworking offices used to be associated with start-up companies and creative freelancers, but large corporates are embracing the opportunity for flexibility as well. Digital nomads, remote workers and businesses with small budgets will be right at home in a coworking office. They also provide the opportunity for corporates to work globally, with space for remote teams and the contingent workforce. Coworking memberships can range from day-by-day to a year, providing the ultimate in flexibility. 




Flexible and cost effective

Since you only pay for the space you need - which could be as little as one desk - coworking can be a cost effective option.

Coworking also supports flexible working – so if you don’t need a desk or office every day of the week, you can pay to use the space at a time that suits you, from one day a week to full time.

Coworking spaces

A collaborative environment

Coworking spaces pride themselves on their sense of community; providing a social environment where individuals can work independently, but alongside like-minded individuals. A shared space can offer plenty of opportunities to network, collaborate and share ideas.

Coworking spaces tend to suit start-up companies and creative freelancers, due to their affordability and sociable environment.

How can Instant Offices help you?

Every month Instant Offices helps over 5,000 businesses across the globe find their ideal workspace. As specialists in flexible offices, we know the market, and how to navigate its range of options and providers to find your business the perfect space – and quickly.

Whether you need guiding through the process step-by-step, or you’re a property expert who needs us to grasp complex requirements and deliver innovative solutions, our specialists go further to help. We only recruit the very best people – we know the better we are, the better your new office will be.

Start your search for an office now – or use our office search below.

Learn how coworking is changing the way we work

From improved work-life balance to more flexibility for your business, learn more about coworking space and the benefits it has to offer.

Employees sitting and talking in the lobby of a coworking space

What is a coworking space?

It has become a modern-day buzzword, but what is a coworking space, exactly? A coworking space is a place where a mix of businesses and individuals can come together and share a work environment, often collaborating with each other or harnessing the networking opportunities offered by the space.
An aerial image of a city with different buildings all connected via lines and map markers

What's behind the global rise of coworking space?

Coworking setups were once largely favoured by freelancers, startups and solopreneurs, but more corporates than ever before are choosing flexible workspace options to decrease costs, explore new markets and embrace a more agile way of working. Find out how global demand is fueling the rise of coworking.
A woman at an office desk spending a moment with her child

Coworking and childcare

Despite the rise of flexible working, balancing career and family life remains a challenge for working parents, particularly mothers. Coworking and childcare might present a sustainable solution to this on-going juggle.
Young office workers on laptops and phones within a coworking space

Nine advantages to choosing coworking space

The demand for coworking space and shared office space is on the rise as more businesses than ever look to this flexible way of working to reduce costs, expand into new markets and increase agility. What are the key benefits of coworking space compared to traditional workspaces?
A young woman answering a phone at a reception desk in a coworking space

Coworking space services

Most coworking spaces typically offer a hot desk or dedicated desk, access to high-speed Internet, and the use of shared office facilities, however, many go above and beyond the standard package to stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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