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Calgary, the largest city in Alberta, is Canada’s leader in the oil and energy sectors. Calgary marks the bottom of the Calgary–Edmonton Corridor, one of the fastest growing regions in the country because of its wealth of oil. The city has attracted a list of big names in the industry including Suncor, Imperial Oil and Husky Energy who have set up their head offices in the district.

This said, a resource boom in the area has led to increasing economic diversification. The city is also now a leader in economic expansion and consists of a range of different industries including finance, film and television, transportation and logistics, technology, manufacturing, health and wellness, retail and tourism. This has helped Calgary have a low unemployment rate and high GDP per capita. Major employers in the area now also include Canada Safeway Limited, Westfair Foods and Shaw Communication.

The location

Calgary is found between the Canadian Rockies foothills and the Canadian Prairies.  It consists of an inner city surrounded by communities all incorporated into the city proper. Calgary is constantly advancing and has invested in numerous land annexation procedures over the years to keep up with the growth of its booming economy. Currently, it is divided into four major quadrants: Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast Calgary. Downtown Calgary is the most popular area for business because it is seen as the ‘core-heart’ of the city.

Calgary area guide

Looking for an office in Calgary

Calgary is becoming an increasingly popular location for serviced offices in Canada. The market continues to grow, with new industries flourishing in Downtown Calgary as well as surrounding areas. Top priorities for businesses looking to move to Calgary include professional connections, location and industry type.

Jessica Colson, Instant’s specialist local consultant for the Calgary region suggests the Downtown Commercial Core for renting office space. The area is populated with leaders in a number of industries and it has a range of connected office spaces available - perfect for networking.


The cost of office space in Calgary varies depending on area and size of accommodation. The average price per workstation, per month, in each area is:

Office sizes

Because of the high density of corporate buildings, Calgary has an assortment of different office spaces available for big and small businesses. Spaces can range from 100 sq. ft. to 1,000 sq. ft. for mini suites and team rooms.

Instant Offices offer a great variety of office type and sizes, and are able to accommodate most enquiries. Executive suite providers can be flexible, meaning that you can downscale or upscale to suit your business growth. 

Why choose Calgary?

With a high GDP, Calgary is one of Canada’s most economically successful cities. It is a leader in the oil and energy sectors and as such, is the ideal location for both small and large businesses in the industry to rub shoulders. Its increasingly diversified economy means that the city also supports mini-hubs for a number of different industries. Because of these strengths, the Globalisation and World Cities Research Network has designated Calgary as a global city. It was also was voted third in quality of life among North American cities by American Cities of the Future.

Five things you probably didn’t know about Calgary: 

  • A youthful city, the average age of the population is only 35.7 years old
  • There is no provincial sales tax in Calgary so you will only have to pay 5% tax on goods and services
  • Downtown Calgary's Plus-15 system is North America's largest indoor network of walk-ways, essential for the cold winters
  • Calgary's geographical footprint is the same size as New York City but only has about 10% of the population
  • The sun shines an average of 2,300 hours every year, making Calgary the sunniest major city Canada
The Bow, Calgary

A closer look at Calgary

The following districts are the most popular areas in which to rent office space:

Downtown Calgary

Downtown Calgary is the city’s business centre. It is a large community containing three neighbourhoods, namely Downtown West End and East Village, the residential areas, and the Downtown Commercial Core. Despite the popularity of Downtown as Calgary’s business hub, the population levels in the area are still quite low compared to other leading cities. The area has recently undergone major rejuvenation, seeing a host of new apartments built in an effort to attract professionals looking to move into the inner city.

Downtown Calgary has a core of skyscrapers servicing a number of industries. Some prestigious buildings in the area include Sunlife Plaza, Banker’s Hall, Bow Valley Square and TD Canada Trust Tower. Many of these buildings are linked by an 11 mile long network of elevated walkways and bridges, connecting the business world on a physical level. The network is the largest of its kind in the world.

The Commercial Core is divided into a number of districts. They include the Entertainment District and Stephen Avenue, where the majority of shopping is done, the Olympic Plaza and Cultural District, and the Government District.

Northwest Calgary

Northwest Calgary is largely a suburban area. The district is popular with businesses and residents who want to avoid the hassle of travelling Downtown. It is, in general, the region west of Centre Street and north of the Bow River with the exception of several neighbourhoods south of the Bow River on the western edge of the city, which are also considered to be part of the northwest.

Southeast Calgary

Southeast Calgary is mainly an industrial area, having attracted a number of leading construction companies including Cardel Homes. The district is also home to Quarry Park, an area designed to balance homes, offices, retail amenities and natural green spaces. Quarry Park has more than 1.7 million sq ft. of office space and offers residents a walking commute. This development has attracted international firms such as JACOBS Engineering as well as a number of other industry leaders.

Southwest Calgary

Finally, Southwest Calgary is situated on the outskirts of Downtown and services a variety of occupants from different sectors. The area offers businesses a fairly central location without having to occupy Calgary’s busy Downtown district. Southwest Calgary is the region south of the Bow River and west of Centre Street and Macleod Trail.

*Last edited on 1 June 2015

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