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Every company needs something different. When you're ready to talk about your ideal office, give us a ring and we'll start searching for your new office.

Help us find the right office for you

Help us find the right office for you

The answers to these questions will help us to help you:

  • When do you want to move?
  • How many staff are you moving?
  • What style of building do you like?
  • How many meeting rooms do you need?
  • What are your IT & telephony requirements?
  • Do you prefer a compact layout or open space?
  • Does your business need storage or equipment rooms?
  • Any other specific requirements we should consider?
  • When can you view properties we find?
  • What's your budget?

Of all the agencies, Instant Offices was the only company to make direct contact and really find out what I needed. I am happy to say I have found the perfect situation.

Kylie Seaman

World Wide Entertainment

Where do you want to be?

The office space is one thing, but where it's located matters too.

Do you want to be at the heart of a city, or within easy reach of your key clients? Would proximity to a key supplier save costs, and help your business grow? How do the majority of your staff and clients travel to your office?

Improve your working environment

Are you currently short of space, or paying for more than you need? Are the lifts always broken? Are you running out of meeting or storage space? Is the building in the wrong place for your clients or staff, or does it give the wrong impression?

We want to find your ideal office, so it helps us to know what – if anything – bothers you about your current workspace.

Improve your working environment

What can you afford?

Of course, you'll need to balance these considerations against costs. When we have a realistic idea of your budget, we'll search for a space to suit you.

To see what the costs are likely to be in locations that interest you, see our area guides.

In a hurry?

We are specialists in finding space quickly. Many of our clients need to move fast, and don't have time to look for the right workspace.

Talk to us now – our expert knowledge of the market means we can move at speed.

What should you do next?

If you want to start looking now, search online or phone one of our friendly specialists. They'll give you expert help.

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