A guide to office space in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes, referred to as MK by the locals, is situated in Buckinghamshire - roughly 45 miles north-west of London.

Described by many as “The City in The Country”, it boasts over 150 restaurants, 60 hotels, 44 forests, 11 canals, and more bridges than Venice.

Established in the 1960s, Milton Keynes was developed to relieve London of population congestion.

With big dreams for the city, it was intentionally placed equidistant from the established cities of London, Leicester, Birmingham, Oxford and Cambridge.

Because of its central location, it has attracted large names in both domestic and international business including Domino's Pizza, Mercedes-Benz, Infiniti Red Bull Racing, Suzuki, Deloitte and the UK headquarters of Argos.

The location

Milton Keynes was built prioritising a “Grid Iron” structure – popular in the USA. 

Having adopted this structure allows for pedestrian, cyclist and vehicular routes to remain separated in an attempt to minimise collisions and maintain traffic fluidity. 

The Grid Iron pattern also means that the locations of restaurants, convenience stores and shops are all evenly and strategically distributed to optimise convenience. 

The design concept was to create somewhat of a city in the forest. 

Millions of trees have been planted over the years. 

As a result, the urban area now boasts over 20 million trees. 

Milton Keynes is divided up into a number of suburbs, which together form larger areas. These include:

Milton Keynes Canal

Looking for an office in Milton Keynes

Among the most popular industries active in Milton Keynes are technology, financial, recruitment and media. 

In terms of popularity factor, the most sought-after areas in which to rent office space are those situated within walking distance of the train stations. 

This is due to the premium cost of parking in Milton Keynes, as well as the fact that most businesses tend to be a satellite office to premises in London (or vice versa in some cases). 


Office pricing is most often dictated by the Grade of the building, followed by its location. 

For prime, high-end office space, tenants can expect to pay around £400 per person per month. 

A Grade offices will cost companies roughly £400 per person, £250 for Grade B office space, and right down to £100 per person for the most basic office space. 

These rates are, on average, are half of what one would expect to pay for the equivalent in London. 

When considering serviced offices, it is important to remember that these costs usually cover a variety of amenities.

As a result, serviced office spaces can offer great value for money. 

Not only this, but office space in Milton Keynes is relatively abundant, providing clients with an enjoyable amount of choice as well as competitive pricing.

Office sizes

Office spaces in Milton Keynes range in size but most offices can comfortably accommodate between three and seven people.

Spaces large enough to accommodate large corporates are also available, but there are fewer of these than smaller offices. 

Five things you probably didn't know about Milton Keynes:

  • The first operational computer in the world was developed in Milton Keynes, at Bletchley Park
  • The Point, an entertainment complex in the centre of Milton Keynes opened the first UK multiplex cinema in 1985 but closed in February 2015, almost exactly 30 years after opening
  • Around half of local commuters travel less than three miles to work
  • The centre:mk shopping centre receives around 30 million visitors each year; the population of the city is only 350,000
  • The largest academic institution in the UK, the Open University, has its administration located at Walton Hall

Why choose Milton Keynes?

One of Milton Keynes’ biggest draw cards is its convenient location. 

With easy access to London, as well as Leicester, Birmingham, Oxford and Cambridge, the city offers residents optimal geographic convenience for both personal and business purposes. 

The ever-growing job market and business environment as well and the constantly improving economy of the city make it an attractive location from which to operate. 

Office space in the city also generally costs less than what it would in other larger cities. 

In conjunction with lower office rates, the carefully planned structure of the city and first class amenities on offer make it an easy, enjoyable place to work and live. 

Milton Keynes Red Bull

A closer look at Milton Keynes

This convenient location offers a lot in terms of both personal and business amenities. 

A transport network including trains and buses help to alleviate congestion on the roads.

Making use of this public transport is encouraged as parking in the city is limited.

The city also features a separate network (roughly 200 kilometers in total) of cycling routes and pedestrian walkways referred to as the Redway System.

The purpose of the Redways was to keep faster moving motor traffic separated from slower moving cycling and pedestrian traffic. 

Restaurants, pubs, museums and a theatre all provide entertainment and recreational activities for locals outside of working hours.

For more information on the current state of the UK serviced office market check out our UK Flexible Workspace Review 2016.

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