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Situated in Central London, Paddington was once a metropolitan borough of its own, becoming part of the City of Westminster in 1965.

The district was originally known as the ‘gateway to London’ because of its many canals feeding into the city. These welcomed goods and freight of new industry, helping London’s economy boom. In recent years the district has been transformed once more into London’s gateway as Paddington Station becomes one of the busiest in the UK. It is now a booming transport hub at the centre of London with dedicated high-speed trains to Heathrow Airport, attracting a number of international businesses to the area.

Today, Paddington is one of London’s most sought-after areas for office space. To date, over £5 billion has been invested in rejuvenating and building up the district, allowing the once forgotten area to grow alongside contemporary London and develop a vibrant community of professionals and businesses.

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The location

Paddington has seen a lot of development in recent years. Since 1998 the district has seen over 2 million sq ft. of commercial office space built and designed by award-winning architects, with another 1.3 million in the pipeline. The plan for Paddington is to create a multifaceted area for businesses to work and communities to grow in as West End’s newest office sub-market. It is located about a mile from London’s Marble Arch and just a short walk away from Hyde Park.

As mentioned, Paddington Station is one of the busiest in the UK and is receiving constant upgrades, including a major project called Paddington Waterside which aims to regenerate former railway and canal land between 1998 and 2018. This positively impacts the commercial property market and allows for better connectivity to Paddington’s surrounding districts.

Neighbouring areas - price comparisons, per person per month

The prices given below are the minimum to maximum average cost for serviced offices, per person per month, derived from our Sales Team's knowledge.

Area Indicative price range
Paddington £800 - 1000
Marble Arch £500 - 800
Fitzrovia £700 - 900
Mayfair £900 - 1400

AstraZeneca HQ, Paddington

Looking for an office in Paddington

Paddington provides the opportunity to expand your business with a range of different office suites available. These offices allow for companies to grow and change with a flexible alternative to traditional office space. Paddington has smaller office spaces dotted around the area but also houses large corporate office buildings north and west of Paddington Station.

The office space market in Paddington is growing, with large commercial buildings having recently been developed and a new centre currently in the works. A top priority for many clients looking for office space in Paddington is easy access to national and international travel, because of its direct line to Heathrow Airport and fantastic transport connections.


Paddington offers a range of serviced space to suit businesses’ different requirements. The average private offices are priced at £700-£1,000 per person per month. This price is inclusive of amenities such as IT and administrative support.

Office sizes

Office sizes in Paddington vary greatly depending on the needs of businesses, with the average size of suites ranging anywhere between 50 – 2,000 sq ft. At the moment, Paddington mainly caters for private office suites, with the concept of shared working spaces growing slowly as the nature of work becomes more flexible.

Instant Offices offer a great variety of office sizes, and are able to accommodate most enquiries, from one person through to 100 or more dependent on the specifics. 

Paddington Station

Why choose Paddington?

The main draw for businesses who work in Paddington is its direct line to Heathrow Airport and the opportunities this gives for national and international travel. However, there is far more to the district than just its transport links. A once neglected area, Paddington has transformed into a thriving cultural and corporate hub through ongoing development in the area. Its central location also means that you are a stone’s throw from major business districts, making Paddington an affordable alternative to its neighbours.

A closer look at Paddington

The massive development that has taken place in Paddington in recent years has attracted a number of big names in technology and retail. These include Nokia, Marks & Spencer, Vodafone and Prudential. Alongside these international brands, smaller growing businesses are also setting up in the district, creating a diverse collection of commerce and making Paddington a popular choice for both established and expanding companies. 

For more information on the current state of the UK serviced office market check out our UK Flexible Workspace Review 2016.

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