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Singapore has become an important global business hub for a wide range of industries, with an economy dominated by manufacturing, electronics and finance. Ranked as the fourth biggest financial centre in the world, Singapore plays an important role in the wider Asia-Pacific region and is the base for many multi-national companies.

Home to one of the top five busiest ports in the world, this island country at the tip of the Malaysian peninsula has also become a major regional centre for multinational business and trade in Asia. As a rapidly growing nation, it is an important contributor towards development and growth in the continent. 

Key areas for business and office space in Singapore include Raffles Place, home to the country’s tallest skyscrapers and a major corporate hub, the Orchard area, popular with marketing and retail companies, and historic Tanjong Pagar, a centre for shipping companies close to Raffles Place.

The nation has a high-income economy, attracting skilled professionals from around the world. Its pro-business policies also mean that it is the ideal place for business owners to travel to and from, with easy entry and exit from the country. Rated as a triple-A rated economy with strong potential for growth, and driven by funding from the area’s deep-pocketed capital markets, Singapore is a safe and exciting location choice for expanding businesses and investors.

It has been named as the world’s most business-friendly environment for local entrepreneurs by the World Bank, and ranked among the world’s most competitive economies. Singapore might just be the perfect place to grow your business.

Discover our locations

Temple Gate

Opposite Temple Meads Station, all-inclusive package: telephony, broadband, meeting rooms and award-winning service.

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King Street

On King Street, 8,500 sq ft of modern serviced office and conference space on flexible terms, from one workspace to 100.

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Tampines Grande

Near Tampines MRT Station, state-of-the-art facilities, spaces to suit your business, flexibility and excellent service.

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Lower Castle Street

Central Bristol, furnished offices, meeting rooms, instant occupancy, no start-up costs, and flexible agreements.

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Pedder Street Central

Hong Kong
Central Hong Kong, and feature-rich, this centre has been designed for a one to four-person company on a tight budget.

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Make great decisions using our research

With significant investment and its role as an international business hub, the Singapore office market is thriving and there is a range of workspace available. From private suites to coworking spaces, there is a flexible solution to suit anyone though the costs can vary greatly, depending on the area and needs of the business. 

Raffles Place is by far the most popular choice for renting office space in Singapore, offering networking opportunities and an impressive range of properties. This said, there are a number of surrounding areas that offer a more cost-effective solution for small to medium businesses starting out on a limited budget. 

Overall, Singapore offers lower costs for office space compared to most other leading Asian countries. To find out more about setting up office space in Singapore, visit our Singapore area guide.