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In the flexible office market, the price of most flexible offices is worked out on a per workstation (or per person), per month basis.

There are some flexible agreements which can be negotiated on a per square foot, per month basis – in these cases, the space is offered as either:

  • Inclusive - Rates, service charge and utilities are included in the monthly price
  • Exclusive - The tenant arranges and pays for everything directly, in addition to the monthly price

The price you will pay for a flexible office varies greatly from region to region. Our area guides can give you an idea of the price range in different locations – but there's usually room for negotiation.

Some of the key factors that can affect pricing

Supply and demand

  • Demand for office space in that particular location or centre The area could be in demand for its reputation, a particularly desirable post code or iconic buildings
  • Level of availability in the area or centre
  • Size of requirement If you’re looking for a one-person office, there may only be a few centres offering that particular amount of space in that area
  • Amenities If you have specific requirements for amenities, there may be limited availability of offices that can meet all your needs – for example, car parking space in London is hard to find
  • Discounts and rent free periods When a centre has more availability, they sometimes offer discounts to attract more tenants


  • National holidays and religious festivals Busy periods will often command a higher rent in comparison to quiet periods such as the time around Christmas or Chinese New Year for example
  • Length of contract A longer commitment can sometimes affect the price you pay for your office, as you’re increasing the level of security for the operator or landlord
  • How soon you can sign For example, contracts signed on the day of the viewing may be offered at a more attractive price
  • A fast market The flexible office market moves quickly, so if you find the perfect office solution for your business, it's a good idea to move swiftly to secure it

Location & amenities

  • Position within the building Within a business centre, some offices will have a more desirable outlook than others, such as corner offices or offices on a higher floor that may have more natural light
  • Surrounding views Does the office overlook the park or the car park?
  • Décor Recently refurbished buildings will often command a higher rent, as will period buildings and those designed to a contemporary style
  • Premium suites Some operators offer premium offices with larger desks and top-quality furniture and décor, which command a higher rent
  • Proximity to public transport Easier access to local transport links can often come with a higher price tag
  • Car parking In certain cities parking is limited, and parking spaces therefore come at a premium

How you use the space

  • High density options Fitting more desks into the workspace will reduce the cost per person – though the price of the room will remain the same
  • Office modifications Fundamental changes to the layout of your space, like installing new partition walls, will raise the overall cost you pay, as your landlord will need to make the changes for you
  • Meeting rooms Some agreements include an allocation of meeting room time per month; however, this cost will be affected by the level of demand for the available meeting room(s)
  • Telecoms and IT The price will vary dependent on the selected package; some clients have very basic telecoms and IT requirements whereas others require more complex, dedicated telecoms and IT support

When it comes to finding your perfect office at the right price, we know the flexible office market inside out. We have local market specialists based across the globe who can use their knowledge and strong industry relationships to get the best deal for you.

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