Getting a great deal

There are so many workspace options available – each with different contract lengths, terms and facilities. Some include lighting, heating or furniture; some have advanced network and phone packages; some even include fresh coffee!

How do you compare all of these, and get the right deal for you?

The Euston Office, London

You’ll want to know exactly what's included in the price

Sometimes it's worth paying a little more to get what you want, but you don't want to pay for facilities you don't need. We’ll help you prioritize.

Meeting rooms and storage space

Many business centers have meeting rooms, conference rooms and breakout spaces that can be hired as needed, meaning you don't waste money paying for space you only use on occasion. The same goes for storage space.

In a hurry to move?

Most flexible offices are fully furnished and ready to go from day one, so you can move into them quickly and at a minimal cost.

Knowing the local market

We have good working relationships with business center owners, and up-to-the-minute knowledge of local markets. Let our contacts and experience work to your advantage, and get you a great deal.

Not only did they take time to understand my needs but they reacted quickly and efficiently to collate options and arrange multiple viewings. I have found the perfect situation.

Kylie Seaman

World Wide Entertainment

Flexible contracts

You might be offered a better deal for taking a property for a long term, and this could help you stabilize your rent for the period, but it's important to plan for flexibility. What happens if your needs change before the end of the term?

Flexible contracts can let you take space on terms ranging from three months to a year, and then expand within the center if everything's going well.

Service charges and utilities

These are all included in the monthly rental, so you know exactly what your costs will be and can avoid any sudden fluctuations or surprises throughout the month.

Repairs and reinstatement

Can you make alterations to the property? With or without permission for these, you're likely to have to put the property back to its original condition when your lease is up. We understand property negotiation, and can help you avoid surprises.

How we get the best deal for you

How we get the best deal for you

We work with 99% of the executive suite providers around the world, and we partner with leading realtors, landlords and other specialists to create tailored solutions.

Our clients range from the world’s largest multinationals to start-ups – and everything in between. Our worldwide teams are local specialists and offer expert help, wherever your business is going.

We'll use our immediate inside knowledge of the local market, our relationship with the operators, and our contacts in the business, to negotiate what you want – at the right price.

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