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Dallas, one of the major cities in Texas, is home to a population of roughly 1.3 million people.

The city claims the title of the fourth most metropolitan area in the USA; a popular business centre, the city’s economy is the sixth largest in the USA.

Dallas is also ranked the fourth largest employment centre in the States.

The primary economic contributors include the banking, commerce, IT, healthcare and energy industries.

Being both a thriving business hub as well as a city that offers numerous recreational and lifestyle draw cards, it’s no surprise the Dallas locals exude that famous Texas Pride.

The location

Dallas is located in the northern region of Texas, and is characterised by a primarily flat landscape and a humid subtropical climate. 

Temperatures are known to soar in the summer months, while remaining mild in the winter months. 

This city is divided according to “neighbourhoods” that include:

Other prominent Dallas area cities include:

Looking for an office in Dallas

Dallas is one of the largest entrepreneur cities in the world. 

Businesses tend to thrive in the bustling city. Due to the massive population, the opportunities are endless. 

In general, companies prefer to position themselves geographically within, or near to their industry niche. 

While the Dallas office market growth is currently in a slower phase, the upcoming development of the new Toyota plant is expected to dramatically increase population and demand for various resources. 

Some of the biggest tenants that currently reside in Dallas include AT&T, Ericsson, Nokia, American Airlines, RadioShack. JCPenney, Mary Kay Cosmetics and Fossil.

Dallas is also home to a great number of advertising and marketing companies. 


There is only a small variation in pricing as far as office space in Dallas goes. 

The city does not boast one primary “hot spot” in terms of office location, but rather multiple different niche locations for certain types of businesses. 

As a result, different companies will be drawn to many different areas, creating a somewhat geographically even demand for office space. 

In general, office space ranges from about $800 to $1200 per person per month.

Office size

The average single office in Dallas can comfortably accommodate two-to-three people.

However, as per usual, the office sizes in general are determined by the type of businesses and industries they support. 

People are also opting to use serviced offices these days over regular offices as they tend to be more cost-effective and flexible in terms of lease commitments. 

Instant Offices are able to accommodate people in an individual capacity right through to large groups, depending on the specifics.

Why choose Dallas?

Dallas is a well-established business hub hosting a diverse range of thriving industries.  As a result, businesses are presented with a rich array of opportunity and potential. 

With everything one could need only 30 minutes away or less, the city provides locals with an attractively convenient place to live and work.

Five things you probably didn't know about Dallas:

  • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is one of the busiest in the world and is larger in size than Manhattan Island
  • Spanning 68 acres, the Dallas Arts District is the largest continuous arts district in the country
  • The microchip was invented in Dallas in 1958 by Jack S. Kilby and helped pave the way for mobile phones and PCs
  • Dallas is home to 18 Fortune 500 companies
  • Most importantly, our U.S. headquarters are located here!

A closer look at Dallas

Dallas Area Rapid Transport (DART) is the city’s public transport authority. 

DART provide commuters with rail, buses and HOV lanes. 

The system is one of the top 10 busiest light rail systems globally. 

The DART system effectively connects a number of Dallas’ busier areas. 

Some of the most popular areas in which to rent office space in Dallas include: 

Downtown Dallas

  • The Central Business District (CBD) in Dallas
  • Located in the geographic centre of the city
  • Considered an interlinked collective of densely populated, urban centre city districts
  • It has recently undergone huge improvements to uplift the state of the area
  • Home to many business headquarters including AT&T, 7-Eleven and Comerica
  • Center of the DART light rail system
  • Home to over 80% of the largest law firms in North Texas
  • A popular office location choice among architectural and accounting firms, as well as real estate brokers
East Dallas & Midtown
  • Home to Lake Highlands – one of the city’s most unified middle-class neighbourhoods
  • Midtown features numerous new restaurants, stores and high-rises
  • Includes Swiss Avenue and Munger Place; architecturally significant neighbourhoods based in East Dallas
  • Popular among younger professionals
  • The chosen location for many networking events
  • Home to a number of financial and accounting firms as well as insurance brokers
South Dallas
  • Home to Fair Park – where the annual State Fair of Texas is held 
  • Popular for nightlife hotspots
  • Located between White Rock Creek (East border) and Trinity River (West border) 
  • Local transportation methods available include DART bus service, DART light rail service and several highways
  • The number of industrial parks in this area are on the rise 
Other prominent Dallas area cities located just outside Dallas city include:

  • One of the safest cities to live in in the USA
  • Twenty miles northeast of downtown Dallas
  • The city’s schools repeatedly score among the highest in the country as a result of having one of the lowest student teacher ratios in the country
  • Public transport includes DART light rail system
  • Rich in parks, trees and open space reserves
  • Nicknamed "Silicon Prairie" due to the large number of technology and telecommunication firms in the area
  • Recently both the energy and digital media industries in the Plano area have been demonstrating growth

  • Labelled “Tree City USA” by the National Arbor Day Foundation 
  • Boasts a number of popular stadiums and sports venues
  • Categorised as an affluent city
  • Population of just over 146 000, with the majority of locals being married couples with children
  • Dominated by technology and service companies

Want to find out more?

If you’re looking to move into the area, or simply require more information, contact Instant Offices' specialist local consultants.

Email our team or call us and we'll be delighted to help you.

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