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Sophie Turnbull

Director, Operator Relations

+44 20 7298 0689
[email protected]

Since joining Instant Offices in 2008, Sophie has built up exceptional knowledge of the global flexible office industry. She is responsible for managing our dedicated Operator Relationship Team and working closely with our 10,000+ – and growing – centres worldwide, ensuring content is displayed optimally on our site and subsequently helping clients make informed decisions on the workspace available.

Sophie provides clients and operators with valuable insight into key market trends, in particular helping operators to make key strategic decisions to aid their growth. In her time at Instant Offices she has developed numerous longstanding relationships with operators and other key partners, contributing significantly to the growth of the business.

Karen De Zutter

Operator Account Manager

Karen joined the Instant team in November 2017 having worked for an operator for 2 years prior. Karen proactively builds relationships with key operators utilising her brand and market knowledge to help demonstrate how they can benefit from Instant. She continues to take a proactive approach to her work; reacting quickly to any issues and advising on how to maximise the partnership.

Michael Drake

Client Development Manager

+44 208 090 3167
[email protected]

Michael works as part of our Customer Development team providing continued support and advice to our existing clients to ensure that businesses are getting what they need in terms of their office solutions. He also works closely with our office providers helping to develop long lasting relationships with them.

Lucy Ruff

Account Manager

+44 20 7298 0635
[email protected]

Lucy joined Instant in February 2018 as an Account Manager. She has developed a clear understanding of the industry and the markets she covers, utilising the various options available to provide clients with the perfect workspace solution. She continues to build strong and lasting relationships with clients and operators alike, ensuring she attains the best deal for all parties involved.

Lucy Stanger-Leathes

Head of Regional Sales

+44 20 7298 0678
[email protected]

As a European Sales Manager, Lucy is highly experienced in helping a wide range of companies find their ideal flexible office. Utilising her exceptional knowledge of the UK market and strong relationships with building owners, Lucy is adept at finding information fast, matching businesses to the workspace that best meets their needs and negotiating the best terms possible.

Leigh Campbell

Team Leader for Onboarding

+44 0191 305 7577
[email protected]

Leigh joined Instant in July of last year. Leigh began as a Operator Account Executive moving into the role of Team Leader for Onboarding this year focusing on ensuring that operators are gaining the most out of their listings.

Zack Mills

America Sales Manager

+1 469 351 3467
[email protected]

Before joining Instant Offices in September 2015 Zack was a top performing agent at Regus for eight years, leading the Inside Sales Department. He actively listens to all of his clients, understanding that each individual and business has very different needs from the next. A real passion for the industry ensuring clients find the right space that matches their requirements.

Brian Childers

Global Account Director

+1 469 351 3472
[email protected]

Prior to joining Instant in February 2016, Brian spent seven years working in sales for major broadband and telecommunications company, Verizon Communications. While there he honed his ability to build great relationships by selling himself and his knowledge as well as the product.

He puts a focus on always being upfront with clients on what they are trying to achieve, never wasting their time and ultimately trying to get the best deal possible for them.

Betty Chen

Asia Pacific Senior Account Manager

+61 2 8320 0701
[email protected]

Betty is a Senior Account Manager in our Asia Pacific team, having worked at Instant Offices for over 7 years and built up extensive local knowledge of the Asia Pacific flexible office market. Betty is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese and English and prides herself on her excellent communication skills, customer service and relationships with clients and operators in her region.

Betty’s expert understanding of local economies, market trends and the different types of workspace available in each location has enabled her to secure the perfect flexible office space for over 1,500 businesses across the Asia Pacific region, in industries ranging from finance to IT and recruitment.

Angela Bolanos

Senior Account Manager

+1 212-686-0696
[email protected]

Angela has accumulated significant experience in the flexible office industry having worked for Instant Offices for a number of years, and also for a co-working provider. She is an excellent listener and likes to understand a client's requirements to such a level that she is able to recommend just a few great options. Because of her consultative approach, Angela has a high number of repeat customers.

Angela travels regularly to visit operators of flexible office space. This means that she really knows the offices she recommends, and has great partner relationships to help negotiate the best agreements.

Scott Dickson

Senior Account Manager

+44 20 7850 8708
[email protected]

Scott joined Instant Offices in Autumn 2016, having previously worked in a similar role for an insurance broker within a leading estate agency group. He is responsible for dealing with medium size requirements for clients in the Northern and Scottish regions, as well as finding offices in the South East for smaller businesses.

Having lived and worked across the length of the UK, in cities as varied as Glasgow, Plymouth and Newcastle, he has a great deal of local knowledge, vital in finding clients the right space.

Pascal Henskes

Account Manager

+44 207 993 0975
[email protected]

Pascal understands how difficult it can be to keep track in an ever-changing market and works out ways to consult clients on optimising their approach and prides himself on finding the tiny details that can really make the difference.

In the past, he helped clients by understanding their complex needs for technology, consulting them on the latest developments in the industry and has been doing the same for our clients with flexible workspace since he joined Instant in June 2017.

Ryan Blake

Senior Account Manager

+44 0191 305 7537
[email protected]

Ryan became part of the Instant team up in Newcastle in August 2017, and with him he brings a wealth of skills he acquired from his previous role as a recruitment consultant. Ryan is heavily involved in building a variety of strong client relationships and ensuring these relationships are positive is at the forefront of is mind. As well as building relationship, Ryan also ensures he listens to every requirement of the client allowing him to fully understand, and meet, their needs for office space.

Steven Gent

Steven Gent

UK & Ireland Manager

+44 0191 305 7601
[email protected]

Steven began at Instant in October 2017 and with him brings an extensive skillset. Steven’s ability to understand all of the client’s needs and requirements allows him to provide an exceptional and tailored service. He actively listens and researches requirements before negotiating the best deal for all involved.


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