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The capital of Italy, Rome is one of the most visited cities in Europe and is at the heart of the country’s politics, housing the seat of the Italian Government, while also being a main hub for the Italian economy.

The city plays host to the headquarters of many of Italy’s major companies and relies on an economy made up from high-technology, research, and banking.

The location

Situated in the Lazio region of central Italy, Rome was famously built on seven hills and benefits from a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and cool winters.

The city is divided into 15 separate municipi (administrative areas) that surround the historic city center.

Neighbouring areas - price comparisons, per person per month

The prices given below are the minimum to maximum average cost for executive suites, per person per month, derived from our Sales Team's knowledge.
Area Indicative price range
€350 - 900
Milan   €350 - 900
€400 - 900
London €550 - 2000


Looking for an office in Abu Dhabi

The market in Abu Dhabi seems to be increasing in demand as more and more firms are looking to expand into the city. 

Riyadh, an area running alongside Abu Dhabi, is also developing at a fast pace, allowing more space for businesses to grow.

Once settled in Dubai, businesses often expand to an Abu Dhabi location to open an additional branch. 

Abu Dhabi is also a more cost-effective solution than Dubai for companies wishing to set up in the emirates. 

It is now the second most sought-after location in the UAE.

Our expert local consultant Weweck Kakker says that where a company chooses to set up in Abu Dhabi depends on their type of business. 

For law firms and corporate sectors, Weweck suggests office space in Al Zahiyah. 

For more established business with a large budget, Al Khubeirah is a prestigious choice, and for new starters and businesses with a lower budget, Al Tibbiya is a great location.


The cost of office space in Abu Dhabi is reasonably priced but varies greatly depending on the location in the city. 

In general it is around 20% cheaper than Dubai prices, making it a more affordable choice for businesses. 

Prices in Abu Dhabi often include the cost of amenities including security and administrative support, making setting up in the city even simpler. 

Office sizes

Abu Dhabi offers flexible workspace ranging from one man offices to large inquiries for growing businesses, so lack of space is not a major issue in the city. 

Often smaller offices for 1-5 people are popular in the area for the reasons set out above.

The business centers in the city are also generally very accommodating and are able to put up partitions for companies looking for more privacy. 

Instant Offices is able to help find companies a suitable office space no matter their size, and are able to accommodate most inquiries. 

Why choose Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi offers businesses a well-known and reputable position in the UAE. 

It is also a cost-effective option, with office prices lower than some other major cities in the country. 

The capital city is the wealthiest emirate of the UAE in terms of GDP and also has a high income rate, drawing in international experts from around the world. 

Finally, its position in the United Arab Emirates makes it an easy commute to and from surrounding areas.

Five things you probably didn't know about Abu Dhabi:

  • The Capital Gate tower is the world’s furthest leaning man-made tower; the 18 degree lean is four times that of Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Only 30% of the emirate is inhabited, with the remaining vast expanses covered mainly by desert and arid land
  • New galleries and museums are regularly popping up with plans in place to open branches of the world-renowned Guggenheim and Louvre museums
  • The name Abu Dhabi means ‘Father of Gazelles’ when literally translated from Arabic
  • Approximately 80% of the population are expatriates

Why choose Rome?

Italy is still very much recovering from the global financial crisis but as the Italian economy continues to show signs of improvements, the reasons to set up business in Rome increase.

Rome is a fashionable city as well as being one of the most important historical cities in the world. 

While the public transport infrastructure may not be the best in Europe, the overall standard of living is still high and for any companies that work directly or indirectly with Italian law or politics, Rome is the only place to be.

A closer look at Rome

The following districts are the most popular areas in which to rent office space:

Esposizione Universale Roma (EUROPA district)

  • Residential, business and financial district south of the city center
  • One of the first European out-of-town business districts completed in the 1950s and 1960s
  • The area is home to public bodies such as the Ministry of Health, the General Confederation of Italian Industry and the Ministry of Communications
  • It is also home to a number of multinational companies including Unicredit and major oil and gas company, Eni S.p.A.
  • Part of the historic city center (Municipo I), Prati borders the Vatican state to the North
  • One of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Rome and home to Via Cola di Rienzo, one of the most important shopping streets in the city
  • Some of the city’s most elegant office buildings situated here
Centro Storico 
  • The historic center of Rome that provides a mix of Rome’s classical and Baroque heritage complemented by a vibrant nightlife
  • Much of Rome’s political activity can be found here including The Chamber of Deputies 
  • Ideal location for any businesses looking for statement office space

Want to find out more?

If you’re looking to move into the area, or simply require more information, contact Instant Offices’ specialist local consultants.

Email our team or call us and we'll be delighted to help you.

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